Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Fashion Istitute of Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Fashion Istitute of Technology - Essay Example The essay "Fashion Istitute of Technology" explores the Fashion Merchandising Management in the FIT. The use of the right colors and sketching has since been my passion. The details involved in every art work amazed me and that sowed the initial seeds of my interest in the field of fashion. Thus it was this interest in fine arts and detailing, which I had acquired at a very early age that instilled a sense of fashion within me. It subsequently urged me in my later years to take up designing as my field of study in my university study programme. I successfully completed a four year major course in interior design at the Udmurtskij State University, which is in my home town Izhevsk, Russia. This course helped me to study the detailing and finer aspects of fashion. Though it was pertaining to interior design the course however, gave me a broader perspective about fashion designing. Additionally, the course also included management concepts and helped me realize the importance of managem ent in the fashion industry. Later on, when I moved to the US and took up a bartending job initially, I got the opportunity to mingle with people and improve my basic communication skills. It was then I realized that I had a flair for communication and an interest to work with people. The job taught me people management and the different ways to interact with people. Though I had deviated from my interest of work, the bartending job gave me a first course in management. My decision to take up a course in fashion.

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