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Social Care Sector Health and Social Care

Questions: 1. The Role of a Recruitment Agency? 2. Reasons Why an Employer in Social Care Sector Would Use Recruitment Agency? 3. Selection of the Recruitment Agency? 4. Building a Good Relationship between HR Department and Agencies? Answers: Introduction The social and the health care sector play a vital role in maintaining the health of the people, and they take the help of the recruitment agencies for employing a large number of the people towards their organization. The report evaluates the facts about the Human Resource and the recruitment agencies. Recruitment agencies act as a mediator between job seekers and potential employers. The agency looks after the market for people who have the potential to fill the role (Bond, Cooper and Sutherland, 2010). Then it approaches the person and makes them the offer. After this, the recruitment agency on behalf of the client negotiates salary and benefits that would be required to make the person switch the job. 1. The Role of a Recruitment Agency Recruitment agencies play a significant role in finding right candidate without placing undue stress on human resource development. They specialize in search for and recruiting best people for job opening. They provide the best professionals to the health and social care institutions as per their qualifications and suitability. In this particular case, social and the health care services have been taken under consideration as a social care sector (Ahmad and Bradby, 2008). There are various recruitment agencies that provide the best candidates as per the suitability of the social care sectors. The task performed by the recruitment agencies may include advertisement of a job opening, receiving the applications, shortlisting, conducting interviews, and identifying the successful candidate and then forwarding to the contracted hiring team. Apart from this recruitment agency also offers services like including payroll administration and training, the size of the recruitment agencies varie s (Armstrong, 2007). It may be with some single servicing to those with a global reach. Human resource department maintains an alignment with the recruitment services to enhance the desired output from the candidates or the job seeker. The ones serving in a small area can boost the benefit of having a deeper knowledge in understanding the local job market. 2. Reasons Why an Employer in Social Care Sector Would Use Recruitment Agency There are several benefits offered by the health and social care services for the employees. The recruitment agencies help the people to get employed with the health and the social care sectors as per their qualifications. Many of the social care sectors provide the attendance allowance, disability living allowances and the disable facilities for their respective employees. The recruitment agencies play a crucial role in evaluating the potential of the employees to the respective organizations (Entrekin and Scott-Ladd, 2013). The DLA is a type of the tax-free service that is provided to disabled children as well as the adults. Employment as well as the support allowance is crucial for the people who are disabled. Several benefits are provided to the employees attached with this particular health and social care sector. There are a number of the staffs, including the both men and female which are employed in the health and social cares sectors (Evans, 2009). The recruitment agencies h ave helpful access to a variety of the opportunities all across the countries in providing the best possible job. The employer of the social and the health care services should use the services offered by the recruitment agencies in engaging people to their organization as well as to get the job in high paying companies as per their suitability. There are job opportunities related to the social care services across the globe and the role of the recruitment agencies are to enhance the potentiality of the employer in getting the desired job (Gardetti and Torres, 2013). Health and the social care services offers a wide range of the services for the welfare of the people and they always need to enhance the number of employees which can be done by taking the help of the recruitment services. The recruitment companies work in getting in touch with various types of the companies, especially for the health and social care sector. They help the employer to match better with the desired job a s per their qualifications. The recruitment agencies most of the times offer a particular advice to the employees regarding their career opportunities. Employers or the people working in the health and the social care sectors have complete knowledge about the respective sector they are working with thus, they need to apply for the job relevant to their field as the experience can be useful for getting the desired job. Thus, it will be more beneficial for the employer of the social care sectors for getting the job relevant to their field through the help of the recruitment agencies. the people associated with the recruitment agencies are engaged in providing the job as per the requirements and suitability of the candidate. The recruitment agencies help in saving the valuable time of the people and provide the jobs as per the need. The companies required employees for their companies according to the needs of the position vacant within the relevant field. Skills and the knowledge of t he people are very important for getting jobs as there are many of the companies those who want the perfect quality of work and desired experience of the candidates in the same field. The recruitment agencies are very much helpful in providing the best organization and the desired job to the deserving candidates (Gardetti and Torres, 2013). The people of human resource management are engaged in the work of providing the jobs for the candidates those who are looking for the jobs. Perfect analysis of the research market related to the best recruiting agency for the people will help to employ a large number of the candidates o the respective organization. Thus, the candidate or the job seeker should look upon the desired criteria like the legislations, cost, etc. in selecting the perfect recruitment agency. The above-mentioned benefits play a vital role in selecting the organization for the candidates. Thus, the priority should be given to needs and the qualification of the candidates, and they need to be matched as per the requirements of the respective organization. In many of the organizations, there are different types of the consultants those provide suggestions for the candidates for getting their dream job. 3. Selection of the Recruitment Agency The primary aim of the recruitment agencies is to match the desired qualifications of the people with the qualifications required for the job. They help the people or the candidate to get the job as per the requirement and as per their suitable demands. Thus, it is most important for the candidates to take the help of the different types of the recruitment agencies as they work to match the best job as per the qualifications and demands of the candidate (Good, 2006). There are some of the important criteria that a candidate or the employer need to look upon before choosing the desired recruitment agencies, they are legal implications, trust, cost, the expertise of the market reputation. The above mentioned criteria play a great role in evaluating the proper agencies for the employer. In many of the social care sectors, the percentage of the women is more than the men. Legal implications are one of the best criteria for the employees to look in recruiting agencies (Horowitz, Walker an d Martin, 2009). The second most important thing is the cost related to the job offerings to them. It has been seen that many of the recruitment agencies demand more money as compared to the salary structure offered by the job. The relationship between the staffs of the recruitment agencies and the employer should be satisfactory and as per the needs of the employer. Trust is an important factor in the selection of the perfect recruitment agencies (Hsu and Kwak, 2003). The percentage of the fraud recruitment agencies have significantly increased in the recent times all over the world. Therefore, agreement related to the offerings of the desired and suitable job is important from the employers perspective. There should be trust maintained from both sides, i.e., from the employers as well as the respective agencies (Marchington and Wilkinson, 2008). Perfect analysis of the research market for the recruitment agencies is another criterion that the employer should look upon while select ing the desired recruitment agency. There are some of the best-known recruitment agencies that are engaged in providing the best quality of the job in the social care services. Thus, the proper use of the best recruitment agencies will help the employer to get the required job in that particular social care sector (Marchington, Wilkinson and Marchington, 2012). Every employer should perfectly analyze the details and the past records of the recruitment agencies regarding their different types of the services offered by them. These points play a vital role in getting the job as per the suitability the employer. Past records are very much helpful for the employer to collect the relevant information regarding the offerings of the desired services by the recruitment agencies (Roy, 2011). Health and the social care services are somehow related to these recruitment agencies for getting the best-skilled employees for the organization. Identification of these crucial factors in selecting the recruitment agencies will; be helpful for the employers. The employer needs to verify and read all the rules and the regulations as provided by the respective agencies for providing the best quality of the job and the points regarding the cost price for the job should clarified. The market reputation of the desired recruitment agencies are important as it tells about a number of jobs provided by the agencies to the people. The social and the health care services offer wide ranges of the medical services. Therefore the candidates having the perfect knowledge about the topic would be the best for the job. The most important for the people is to understand the difference in the working styles of the different recruitment agencies as per the cost demanded by them to the people (Sistare, Shiplett and Buss, 2015). The complete analysis of the market research is crucial for the employers as it will help to provide the best job as per the demands and qualifications. . 4. Building a Good Relationship between HR Department and Agencies Human Resource is one of the vital departments that looks towards the recruitment of the employees as well as it solves all the issues of the employees related with the organization. The salary, holidays are maintained by the human resource department for the employees. They analyze the skills of candidates as per the qualifications for the desired job. Consultants play a vital role for the candidates in providing the desired advice for the best suitable job. Human Resource department enhances the output of the employees towards achieving the desired goals of the organization (Strong-Boag and Warsh, 2005). They consult with the different recruitment agencies for providing the best candidate as per their need of the organization. The Human Resource department provides various strategies and motivation for the employees to enhance their potential for the success of the organization (Truss, Mankin and Kelliher, 2012). They provide equal opportunities to the individuals associated with t he organization. They look forward to solve the desired issues of the people coming between the executions of the work for the employees. Health and safety has been the most promising features of the Human Resource department as it takes cares of the employees associated with the respective organization. There should be a perfect relationship between the HR and the different recruitment agencies as this will help to fulfill the needs of both of them (Varma and Budhwar, 2013). Proper formation of the good relationship helps to understand the desired needs of each of the two concerned. The organizations especially the social and the health care want the well-experienced candidates as per their suitability. Thus, proper formation of the good relationship between the Human Resource and the recruitment agencies moves forward in employing the best candidate as per the requirement of the organization. For any of the organization, the effective decision-making process is merely executed by the management team including the members of the Human Resource department. Thus, the role and the relationship between the recruitment agencies and the Human Resource should be well developed as this will help to understand the proper skills and the knowledge of the candidate. The data management of the employees and the new candidates should be perfectly managed as well as clearly evaluated for the proper functioning of the organization (Warner, 2005). It has been seen that in many of the organization as well as between the recruitment agencies and the Human Resource, some of the crucial operational issues arises. Proper implementation of the desired strategies will help to recover and will provide perfect resolution to the respective operational issues. Conclusion The report highlights facts and working of the human resource and the recruitment agencies in social care sectors. Important characteristics of established recruitment agency are hunting heads instead of waiting for people to apply. The recruitment agencies should critically analyze their role in providing the best job as well as services to the candidates those looks forward for the job. The Human Resource department is responsible for the data management services related to all the work carried out by the organization. Thus, there is a need of the perfect relationship between the Human Resource and the different recruitment agencies for recruitment of the perfect staff members within the respective organization. References Ahmad, W. and Bradby, H. (2008).Ethnicity, health and health care. Malden, MA: Blackwell Pub. Armstrong, M. (2007).A handbook of human resource management practice. [Farmington Hills, Mich.]: Thomson Gale. Bond, F., Cooper, C. and Sutherland, V. (2010).Organizational stress management. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Entrekin, L. and Scott-Ladd, B. (2013).Human Resource Management and Change. Hoboken: Taylor and Francis. Evans, S. (2009).Community and ageing. Bristol: Policy Press. 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