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White-Collar Crime and Criminals Essay - 2718 Words

There are many definitions of white-collar crime. (Edelhertz, 1970) White-collar crime - â€Å"An illegal act or series of illegal acts committed by nonphysical means and by concealment or guile, to obtain money or property, to avoid the payment or loss of money or property, or to obtain business or personal advantage.† (Edelhertz, 1970) White-collar crime are crimes can be committed by: â€Å"persons working on an individual basis for personal gain in a non-business situation (personal crimes); crimes in the course of their occupations by those operating inside businesses, Government, or other establishments, or in a professional capacity, in violation of their duty of loyalty and fidelity to employer or client (abuses of trust); crimes†¦show more content†¦(Edelhertz, 1970) White-collar criminals can only be successful if the victim is ignorant and negligent. (Edelhertz, 1970) Difference between white-collar crime and other types of crime is that white-collar crim e generally requires the victim to comply in being victimized in contrast to murder, robbery, assault or rape. (Edelhertz, 1970) Difference - other types of crime create a clear representation there has been a violation, despite the fact that the identity of the perpetrator may not be known. (Edelhertz, 1970) This is not the case with white-collar crimes, where victims may never know that they have been victimized and if they do find out it is well after the fact. (Edelhertz, 1970) In regards to the criminal justice system, the laws are implemented differently for white collar criminals than for others. (Sutherland, 1944) Three factors resort in this difference in how white-collar criminal are treated: status of the business man, the movement away from reprimand, and the somewhat unorganized resentment of the public against white-collar criminals. (Sutherland, 1944) First factor - provoking business may result in a reduction in regards to political gain. Legislators do not recognize business men as the typical criminal. (Sutherland, 1944) Second factor – due to the status of business men there are not a lot of precedents in regards to laws of white-collar crime. (Sutherland, 1944)Show MoreRelatedWhite Collar Crime And Criminal Behavior1534 Words   |  7 Pagescomprehend and explain criminal behaviours. These theories investigate many different aspects of the causations of crime and those at risk of criminal behaviour. White collar crime is a term founded less than a century ago within 1939 by Edwin Sutherland. He identified white collar crime as crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation (Hirschi, 1987, pg 953). Sutherland strived to explain all types of crimes. He proposed that crime occurred beyondRead MoreWhite Collar Crimes And Criminal Offences1238 Words   |  5 Pagesthe last decade, check fraud has declined in recent years, and cyber crime is surging† (Scanio and Ludwig). Fraudu lent activity is everywhere. It is a crime even though there are no victims. Scams, price fixing, wiring accounts, fraud of all sorts, etc are all types of white-collar crimes. Not all crimes that are committed are even performed by the Chief Financial Officer. It has become more accessible, to commit these crimes, with the mass amounts of internet and cellular towers available. WhileRead MoreCriminal Theories On White Collar Crime962 Words   |  4 Pagesassignment, you will examine the various criminal theories that were discussed in the reading. In a page or two, explain which theories best explain white collar crime. The Strain Theory does a suitable but not a great job of explaining white collar crime. Therefore, in the Strain Theory it talks about the contextual anomie/ strain theory. while examining this theory, I discovered it to be the most compelling in our constant battle with white collar and corporate crimes. Ever, since the beginning of recordedRead MoreHow Does the Criminal Justice System Respond to White Collar and Corporate Crime?2543 Words   |  11 PagesHOW DOES THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM RESPOND TO WHITE COLLAR AND CORPORATE CRIME? White-collar crime poses a vexing problem for the criminal justice system (CJS). It is an enormously complex global issue that is growing rapidly and is a cross-border problem. White-collar crime is viewed differently in contrast to conventional crime as generally the public associate crime with street crimes such as robbery, burglary or homicide. Affluent and privileged persons who enjoy an elevated socialRead MoreEssay about The Invincible Criminal1400 Words   |  6 Pages1996 report of the National Criminal Justice Commission estimated that the annual cost of white-collar crime is between $130 billion and $472 billion, seven to twenty-five times greater than the cost of conventional or street crime (Conklin, 2010, P. 71). White-collar crime in America is considered larceny committed by the wealthy, respected, and legitimate enterprise which is not set up or intended to go out of business like an ordinary fraud or con game. White-collar crime offenses may involve forgeryRead MorePenalties for White Collar Crime Essay1101 Words   |  5 Pages White collar crime has been discussed more frequently in the last few years. The news has made society aware that white collar crime occurs almost as often as other criminal activity. In fact, white collar crime is one of the most costly crimes. It is a billion dollar criminal ind ustry. White collar criminals seem to continue to engage in the criminal practices because there is no set standard in the penalties given to those that are caught. A look into the public’s perception on whetherRead MoreUnderstanding White Collar Crime1023 Words   |  5 PagesUnderstanding White Collar Crime Donald J. Joslyn Tri County Tech Understanding White Collar Crime In the United States, there are many different types of crimes that are committed. One type of crime that is considered non-violent would be white-collar crime. Under white collared crimes there are hundreds of different types of crimes that would fall under this category. Sociologist and criminologists have come up with many different theories to what white-collar crime is and what type of peopleRead MoreWhite Collar Crime Is A Serious Issue Essay1124 Words   |  5 PagesWhite collar crime is a serious issue in the United States. White-collar crime is â€Å"a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation† ( Examples of such offenses include bribery, credit card fraud, insurance fraud, bank fraud, blackmail, extortion, forgery, securities fraud, tax evasion, embezzlement, repair scams, Ponzi and pyramid schemes. These non-violent crimes are responsible for an estimated $250 billion to $1 trillion inRead M oreEssay on White-Collar Crime Vs. Street Crime1070 Words   |  5 Pages headline news, or daily criminal activity. Shootings, stabbings, homicides, etc. are all discussed by media anchors these days. This causes most everyone in our society to become familiar with crimes that are considered street crimes. What most people don’t hear about on the news is what is considered white-collar crime, sometimes known as corporate crime. White-collar crime not only is less reported in the media but also receives weaker punishments than street crime. This paper will first discussRead MoreTypes of White Collar Crime686 Words   |  3 PagesName Tutor Course Title Date Submitted Types of White Collar Crime: There are different types of criminal offenses since a criminal act can be regarded as a specific type of offense based on the nature of crime. The various types of criminal activities have developed to become more than a single problem to nearly all criminal justice systems across the globe. The main reason for the divergent classification of criminal activities is because they occur in different settings and are conducted

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